Exotic Filled Candy and Licorice

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K&M Party Mayhem can provide you with their services as Vendors.

All machines and staff are compliant with all food service laws in Victoria, and undergo regular maintenance to ensure optimal safety.

With an ever changing "menu" available; our Exotic filled candy and licorice is a delight for all.

Range Available now:

Traditional:          *Black


Sweet:                   *Pineapple



                              *Mixed Berry

                              *Tutti Fruitti





Sour:                      *Cherry



                               *Tutti Fruitti


With more available soon


Exotic Filled Candy and Licorice available for individual purchase.
Each stick $3.50 


3 for $10

Or our special offer of 7 for $20

and finally our website exclusive offer of 15 for $40

With heaps of flavors to chose from and an always expanding range.